Leave.EU has launched a campaign to get Philip Hammond and Amber Rudd deselected:

Today’s Tory Party is conservative only in name, says Leave.EU.

Leave.EU is starting up an initiative to excite traditional conservative voters in Runnymede & Weybridge and Hastings & Rye into reclaiming their destiny by joining the Party and calling for the deselections of Philip Hammond and Amber Rudd respectively.

Besides making way for a cabinet aligned and committed to British independence, their removal will open up the prospect of true blue Brexit MPs representing local constituents once again, says Leave.EU.

A letter will soon be dispatched to every single voter in both constituencies, making the case for this fifth column in the Tory cabinet to be removed by the only means available to grassroots conservatives. The letter will include precise details on how to join and set in motion the deselection process.

Westminster Palace (LGT-1)

Leave.EU is a cross-party organisation. It will not be leading this process, merely applying the first shove before it gathers its own momentum. It are therefore calling upon all passionate Brexiteers in both constituencies to put themselves forward to steer the campaign on its onward course.

A crowdfunding campaign has also been set up to enable equally impassioned patriots to support the campaign from outside these two parliamentary seats.

In the aftermath of the catastrophic general election, Rudd and particularly Hammond have seen their opportunity to meddle with the popular will expand beyond measure. The Chancellor has now infected a beleaguered prime minister and the entire cabinet with false calls for a post-Brexit transition period. In reality, Hammond’s proposal will surely see British sovereignty remaining captive indefinitely within the EU’s gilded cages of Brussels, Luxembourg and Strasbourg.

Article 50 sets out a two-year time frame. For once, the government is bound by the public to establish, in detail, a new trading relationship within that period. It is neglecting its duties. Time for the people to strike back and remind the elite of the referendum.

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