Trade campaigners have today welcomed what they say is a sea-change in the way that the controversial proposed trade deal between the EU and the USA will be debated in parliament.

At 12.30 today, Labour MP Geraint Davies will present his International Trade Agreements Scrutiny Bill, which will “require scrutiny of and enable amendments to international trade agreements, including investor state dispute settlements, by the European and UK Parliaments; and for connected purposes.”

The bill is being presently shortly after the shadow cabinet by new Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn, included a number of individuals who have have previously been critical of TTIP, including shadow chancellor John McDonnell. The shadow chancellor has been confirmed to speak at a rally against TTIP on 10 October.

Houses of Parliament (PD)

Nick Dearden the director of Global Justice Now said:

A number of Labour MPs have always taken a critical position on TTIP, which isn’t surprising considering the threat it poses to labour rights, vital public services and environmental protection. But with the new shadow cabinet there’s a chance for genuine, rigorous debate to take place on the threat that this toxic trade deal poses to our democracy. Hundreds of thousands of people in the UK have signed a Europe-wide petition calling for TTIP to be scrapped, and the introduction of Geraint Davies’ bill today represents the start of a process whereby those voices might finally be represented in parliament.


Jeremy Corbyn writing on the ‘threat of the EU-USA trade deal" in 2014.

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