The video footage taken on an iPhone 5 in conjunction with the right app is actually pretty impressive.

I know what you are thinking….the lens and sensor size is never going to compete with a Canon 5d mark III or a Red Epic and this is of course very true; but does that mean serious footage cannot be taken with the camera on a smartphone?

Well, the Cinegenix 'Filmic Pro' app is well known for upping the game offering 24p, 25p and 30p with the 24FPS giving a much smoother image than has seen before, but I wanted to test this out for myself in a Johnny come lately kind of way how it would fair with time lapse and in different lighting conditions and what better way to test this than to film a time lapse sunset.

On the film side other apps like TiltShift Video, Miniatures Pro were also used whilst on the audio side GarageBand and iTabla Pro by apps were used in conjunction with a local choir to accompany the test video.

I wanted to test the versatility of the iPhone for the guerrilla filmmaker to see if it was possible to produce decent video footage as well as a passable soundtrack.

Everything was then edited and graded using Sony Vegas Movie Studio 11 Platinum Suite and I was quite impressed with the end result.

The limitations are there to see but so are the possibilities.

Here is the test footage and soundtrack using the aforementioned apps…..judge for yourselves.

For full effect please set the YouTube video settings to 1080p HD.

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