Carla Bruni has been covering up a bump around her midriff and remained silent on the nature of that bump, however close friends and family of Bruni and her husband, Nicolas Sarkozy, are more vocal in identifying the what the bump is.

Surprisingly the bump maybe because she is pregnant. According to Sarkozy's father the couple do not want to know the sex of the baby but believes it could be a girl, whilst  a close friend to the couple seems to think the child is a boy.

What baby could they be referring to? Could it be that the more than visible bump which Carla Bruni is sporting is in fact an unborn child?

There are other possibilities which would preclude the bump being a child. Firstly Carla may have some growth in her stomach. Secondly the bump may be her husband hiding in a bag around her waist, which is something he has secretly been forced do as the terrorist threat makes him more of a target to people unhappy with the fact that he is giving orders to drop lots of bombs that may kill innocent women and children. Thirdly Carla may be suffering from chronic flatulence which makes her stomach distend after eating chickpeas.

Carla is seen to be using the old Grace Kelly trick of hiding the bump with the handbag, but she is also using more sophisticated 21st century methods of bump camouflage by employing a bodyguard who will reach his hand out with an envelope at the opportune moment in order to disguise the little person who may be in her stomach.

This news that Carla Bruni may be pregnant has resulted in individuals with a lower than average IQ  jumping up and down for joy whilst stuffing their faces full of McDonald's and listening to rap music.

And I think to myself, what a wonderful world ……. .

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