The UK is home to a large amount of used car websites such as and and the ‘used car portal’ market seems to be incredibly saturated, so is there really room for Carmony are undergoing a major rebrand to not only change their website, but what they offer as well.

The site will now offer ‘premium cars’ worth 25,000 and over, which will attract a whole host of new buyers. This will be the aspect of the business which will make them stand out against competitors. The higher value vehicles will surely help them become a resource for luxury brands such as Audi and Lexus. Other premium sites in other areas, such as which concentrate on high valued properties, have seen massive success in their industry, so why can the same principles not be applied to the used car trade?

Cars-4 © The Economic VoiceAs well as changing their offering, the company will have a new news section where not only buyers, but the general public can find out all the latest news and reports to keep in the loop with regards to the world of cars. Carmony was established in 2008 and this revitalisation may finally lead to it becoming a front runner in the used car market. Every car that is sold from the website is ‘dealer approved’ which is unique to Carmony.

With this new and revitalised outlook Carmony are certainly one watch out for but how much extra traffic is actually out there for a small relatively unknown website?

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