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How to Disagree Constructively

By Ally Yates, author of ‘Utter Confidence: How what you say and do influences your effectiveness in business’

That’s not right”, “I don’t think so”, “No, no, no…”, “You’ve got to be kidding”.

The world’s top destinations ranked for UK remote workers looking to live the dream abroad

From city breaks to quiet lakes, figures from PeoplePerHour has identified the world’s best value locations when it comes to UK freelancers working from another country

Investment Company Purchases at Record Level in First Half of 2017

-Q2 purchases of investment companies second highest on record

-Most popular sectors were Global and Property Direct – UK

HMRC collects £124 million from tackling Capital Gains Tax avoidance

Difficulty securing entrepreneur’s relief could lead to more taxpayers entering into avoidance schemes

HMRC collected £124 million last year from investigations into SMEs and ‘wealthy individuals’ suspected of avoiding Capital Gains Tax

Mobile telecoms; can the mobile networks thrive and what may their future hold?

By Dave Millett, Equinox

It is 44 years since the world's first mobile phone call was made on April 3, 1973, when Martin Cooper

Over Half of UK Employees Think Annual Appraisals are “Pointless” or “Time Consuming”

Research highlights that the days of annual appraisals are numbered

UK Retail Sales Increase

Retail sales volume increased by one percent in August 20-17 compared to July and by 2.4 percent compared to August last year.

Moore Stephens sees revenue jump 15% through organic growth

Profits up 10% despite significant investment programme

Impressive revenue growth across all service lines – up 45% in outsourcing

Over 100 new hires this year as firm continues to attract top talent

Investors to receive £8.2 billion dividend windfall

By Lee Wild, Head of Equity Strategy, Interactive Investor

Over the next four weeks, some of the UK’s biggest companies will send dividend cheques to shareholders totalling a staggering £8.2 billion.

BrickVest partners with BEOS to offer innovative commercial property employee participation fund

Allows employees to integrate tax-efficient real estate investments with access to in-house institutional grade commercial property

Investment Companies with Significant Exposure to Germany

With the Dutch general election in March, the French presidential election in April and May, and the UK general election in June, it seems like 2017 has been a year of notable European elections.

New President for CISI West Country branch

Robert Noble-Warren Chartered FCSI has been appointed President of the Chartered Institute for Securities & Investment (CISI) West Country branch.