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Shared Ownership: is it time for a re-brand?

· Research shows that shared ownership transactions are decreasing across the majority of regions – raising questions over whether more needs to be done to ‘sell’ the idea of shared ownership to home buyers

Cryptocurrencies are a modern day gold rush

By Jordan Hiscott, Chief Trader at ayondo markets:

“Cryptocurrencies are a modern day gold rush…and mining specialists NVidia are reaping the rewards (just like Levi Strauss did in the 1850s)”

Shares in animal feed producer Anpario up 6% as group reports strong sales growth

Anpario reported solid growth in key target regions including Asia, the Americas and Middle East. Solid increases in revenue and profit led to introduction of interim dividend.

Clothing sales at the discounters will grow 90.7% by 2022

………. and Heidi Klum’s range for Lidl shows why

Lidl’s Esmara by Heidi Klum range has lived up to expectations and paves the way for material growth through clothing for the discounters.

Who is buying up Central London?

International homebuyers have tripled, whilst buy to let investors fall by 1/3.

– Homebuyers, increasingly attracted by discounted luxury property, now represent 45% of all purchases in Prime Central London

Corporations Could Improve ROI From Business Travel Spend

Research from The London School of Economics and Political Science offers corporations a framework to unlock greater ROI from business travel in order to ‘manage every mile’ travelled for work

Money is Key for Women Entering Later Life Marriages

With recent official figures showing that the number of older women marrying or remarrying has increased in recent years, new research suggests that for many the decision to tie the knot is as much about money as love alone.

Finsbury Food bakes up important increase in full year sales to Europe

· AIM group said full year sales to Europe were up 15% courtesy of new products

· Debt levels have fallen and dividend for the year rose by 7.1%

Adaptability is the Key to Landing the Job of Your Dreams

· Adaptability the most sought-after quality by recruiters and employers

· Management skills, pro-activeness and organisation all key to achieving jobs

HSBC is Share of the Week

Ian Forrest, investment research analyst at The Share Centre, outlines why HSBC is his share of the week:

Global credit analysts warn of serious UK consumer debt problem and credit crunch concerns

The extraordinary rate of growth of UK consumer debit has become a ‘serious problem’ according to a group of the world’s leading experts in credit.

UK House Prices Up 1.1% in July but long-term upturn unlikely

EY ITEM Club reports on House Prices

Land Registry/ONS report 1.1% rise in UK house prices in July; with the year-on-year increase stable at 5.1%.