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Chinese growth shrugs off headwinds

A resilient economy strengthens President Xi Jinping at a crucial political juncture, comments Craig Botham, Schroders Emerging Markets Economist: The long-awaited China slowdown barely materialised this morning, with headline...

How can Britain meet demand for property?

As party conference season comes to an end, one of the few issues that had any chance of besting politicians’ bids for the spotlight was that of housing. In what seems like a lifetime ago, Conservative leader Theresa May called...

FTSE 100 & Bitcoin latest rally

By Lee Wild, Head of Equity Strategy at Interactive Investor On the FTSE 100 rally: There have been a number of key drivers behind the FTSE 100’s latest rally, among them a weaker pound, likely increase in UK interest rates,...

Decent Economic Data Keeps Records Tumbling on Wall Street

By Lee Wild, Head of Equity Strategy at Interactive Investor Decent economic data has kept records tumbling on Wall Street, and who’s to say this run will unwind any time soon. Overnight, it’s talk Donald Trump could name Fed...

Is the 'Trump trade' back?

Is the ‘Trump trade’ ‘higher yield’ trade back? By Michael Stanes, Investment Director at Heartwood Investment Management Donald Trump’s ‘tax framework’ has been finally unveiled and cautiously welcomed by financial markets....

Reactions to the German election outcome

Business reactions to yesterday's German General Election. Jaisal Pastakia, Investment Manager at Heartwood Investment Management, said: “The season of general elections in Europe has now ended for 2017, but it also ends with a...

Markets shrug at May's Florence speech

Theresa May’s speech confirmed that the UK is seeking a transition period but gave few further details on the final shape of Brexit, according to Azad Zangana, Schroders Senior European Economist: "Investors had hoped that Prime...


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