Number of Households in England to increase 20% by 2039

Why can’t we look past the ‘diversity’ and politically correct arguments regarding mass net immigration?

The Fed: Predictable and gradual?

David Absolon, Investment Director at Heartwood Investment Management, on how the Fed has the difficult task of unwinding a $4.5 trillion balance sheet.

China Downgrade to Weigh on Investor Sentiment

The effect on investor sentiment of the downgrade of China’s credit rating could be far greater than its economic impact

Is the so-called ‘reflation trade’ over?

By Michael Stanes, Investment Director at Heartwood Investment Management

Is This the End of the Wild West Web?

Reading the Conservative Party 2017 General Election manifesto you get the feeling that the Tories are out to finally tame the Wild West Web.

UK inflation: Households are being squeezed

The annual rate of consumer price index (CPI) inflation rose from 2.3% in March to 2.7% in April – higher than consensus estimates of 2.6%.

UK inflation jumps to highest level since 2013 as core inflation rises too

Michael Baxter, economics commentator for the Share Centre said:

UK inflation jumped to 2.7% in April, from 2.3% the month before

Markets to take positive stance on growth-friendly US policy changes

By Michael Stanes, Investment Director at Heartwood Investment Management

Benign economic conditions, strong corporate earnings results

Outsourcing defence means outsourcing foreign policy

UPDATED 12th May 2017. In his Chatham house speech later today Jeremy Corbyn is expected to say that, if he becomes PM, he will not be pandering to an erratic Trump presidency

VIX 'Fear' Index Approaches All-Time Low

The VIX index (or 'Fear Index') fell within just 0.39 percentage points of an all-time low yesterday, which suggests that the markets are feeling more certain about the future

Macron victory marks market-friendly French election outcome

Macron’s reform agenda should be positive for economic growth in France.

Comments on French General Election Results

A few comments from the financial markets on the victory by Emmanuel Macron in yesterday's French presidential election.