Here’s one EU directive that might affect your savings

The Bank of England’s Prudential Regulation Authority (PRA) has recently announced that the cover provided for depositors and policyholders via the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) is to be reduced from £85,000 to £75,000

Greece: Market risk to stay elevated but pragmatism should prevail

By Michael Stanes, Investment Director, Heartwood Investment Management

European equities are trading lower on the surprise outcome of the Greek referendum result on the international bailout conditions set by the European Union

Why don’t we protect ourselves?

It is reported that a man draped himself in the flag of the Islamic State and paraded around London on Saturday, with a young girl sat on his shoulders waving a smaller version of that emblem of terrorism.

The eurozone’s cycle of crisis and hope continues

By Jaisal Pastakia, Investment Manager, Heartwood Investment Management

All things considered, up until last week the euro has been remarkably resilient against the US dollar as the Greek government and its creditors attempted to find a debt deal.

Does Tsipras understand what he’s doing?

Sometimes I hate being right. Last week, I wrote that I wasn’t sure whether Greek Prime Minister Tsipras wanted a deal with his euro area partners. This week, we know that he doesn’t;

Rising domestic demand benefits Central and Eastern European economies

By Jaisal Pastakia, Investment Manager at Heartwood Investment Management

When thinking about global emerging market equity investing, the focus tends to shift toward China and India, despite questions

Greece: Is this time different?

Today felt different. On the trading floor in 2010, there were plenty of nerves but still a general sense that the Europeans would come up with a deal for Greece. In 2012, haircuts had been widely trailed

Strong retail sales in May point to best year for the sector since 2007

Commenting on the surprise rise in UK retail sales in May Martin Beck, senior economic advisor to the EY ITEM Club, said:

The pressure to conform is revitalising Japan’s corporate sector

By Michael Stanes, Investment Director at Heartwood Investment Management

Japanese equities have surged ahead since the start of this year despite lacklustre growth.

Over 16s and EU citizens to vote in EU referendum?

In the lead up to the general election David Cameron argued that only a vote for his party would guarantee an EU In/Out referendum and said that it would be run on the current general election franchise

Reject ‘Brexit’ says President Obama

The US President, Barack Obama, has waded into the UK In/Out debate over membership of the European Union by saying that he is ‘looking forward’ to the UK voting to remain in the EU.

How much should markets fear a Greek default?

Alan Cauberghs, Senior Investment Director, Fixed Income, comments on the implications of the current situation in Greece for investors: