Retail sales boosted in June by warmer weather

It is highly possible that the sharp drop in retail sales in the first quarter over-stated the weakness of spending, while the second quarter rebound overstates the strength

UK and US may be set for a period of new interest rate divergence

Markets speculate that the prospects of further rate rises in the US are diminishing and US inflation figures seem to confirm this view. In the UK, on the other hand, expectations are heading in the opposite direction, with implications for sterling.

Chinese growth beats forecasts but looks set to slow

China's economy grew faster than expected in Q2 but we still expect credit tightening to lead to a slowdown in the second half of the year, comments Craig Botham, Schroders' Emerging Market Economist: 

UK labour market shows robust improvement, despite faltering economic activity

Despite stuttering economic activity, employment growth is strong but it is still failing to translate into higher earnings growth

Shifting from Reflation to the Higher Yield Trade

By Graham Bishop, Investment Director at Heartwood Investment Management

Central bank liquidity has been a key support for economic activity in recent years.

You ‘Leavers’ were too thick to know what you were voting for!

So there you have it. Those that voted to Remain in the EU will smugly tell you that they knew what they were voting for and the “Leavers’ were too ill-informed, ignorant and thick to know what they wanted.

UK productivity relapsed markedly in Q1

UK productivity relapsed markedly in the first quarter, fuelling concerns over the UK’s overall poor productivity record since the 2008/9 recession.

A decade on from the last Bank of England rate hike

By Charles Hepworth, Investment Director, GAM

Today marks exactly ten years since the Bank of England last raised interest rates.

A Decade of Low Interest Rates has Squeezed Savers

Today, 5th July 2017, is the tenth anniversary of low interest rates. It’s been ten years since the Bank of England last raised interest rates.

Are investors complacent?

Schroders' Chief Economist Keith Wade explores whether rising equity markets and the low 'fear gauge' are causing investors to become complacent

Isn’t it obvious that the UK voting system needs a massive overhaul?

Now that the general election dust has settled, stories are emerging on social media of some students claiming to have voted at least twice