The Older You Get, The Bluer You Get

According to a recent Yougov poll, the older you get the bluer you get. (Video below.)

Now, this isn’t about your mood, it’s about the colour of your politics.

Parliament is about to sell Britain out over Brexit

That hot-bed of pro-EU membership, the Palace of Westminster made up of the House of Commons, the House of Lords and all those civil servants, is about to stitch up a Brexit-breaking deal.

The Country Needs a New Leader With a New Vision

As the dust settles from the 2017 snap general election, the outcome has people asking whether they will have to endure yet another election in the coming months.

The UK election – our key takeaways so far

Commenting on the results of the UK general election, Noland Carter, CIO and Head of Heartwood Investment Management, said:

What does this surprise election result mean for the markets

UK election: What a hung parliament means for markets

Postal Voting on Demand Should be Scrapped

In this day and age of ‘the customer is always right’, I suppose it is reasonable to expect the system to acquiesce to voters’ demands that they vote in any way that they wish.

Lacklustre Data Maintains the Impression of a Struggling Housing Market

Commenting on the latest House Price Index from the Halifax that shows house prices only rising by 0.4 percent in May

Conservative Lead Over Labour Cut to One Point

The latest 2017 general election Survation poll for ITV has the Tories on 41.5 percent and labour now on 40.4 percent.

Keep Politics Out of …… Well Everything

Whenever a particularly sensitive subject such as the NHS, education or the police comes up in debate, it is quickly followed by calls for ‘politics’ or ‘party politics’ to be kept out of it.

The UK Needs to See Action on Islamic Extremism Now

This is a Churchillian ‘Action This Day’ moment for Theresa May and whoever is holding the reigns of power after Thursday’s general election.

Jeremy Corbyn’s Nuclear Free Dream World

Listening to Jeremy Corbyn and his ilk prattling on about a nuclear free world, you would think that atomic weapons were the only arms in existence.

Mackinlay is Toast – Vote UKIP

All the voters who were going to vote for Craig Mackinlay in South Thanet (or those that have already cast their postal ballot in his favour) must be feeling sickeningly let down right now.