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What are the most popular baby names in 2014?

The most popular first names given to babies born in England and wales in 2014 were Oliver and Amelia.

Air Conditioning: An Interesting History of Keeping America Cool

Most people take air conditioning for granted, but it wasn’t always available in the US. Here’s how it came about and why it’s in many homes all over the country.

Construction of new ski properties in France continues apace

Construction work to create 33 new leaseback apartments in the popular French Alpine ski resort of La Rosière in the Tarentaise Valley is progressing apace in the wake of news that 30 km of new pistes are to be added to its existing 150 km of ski slopes.

Back to school: 11 fascinating kid’s dental health facts you really need to know

It may be the school holidays at the moment and we all remember those halcyon days of never ending summers but the new term is closer than you think.

Colombia's Medellin Flower festival in bloom

Known locally as the 'City of Eternal Spring' and the 'Flower Capital of the Americas', Medellin has long been celebrated for its incredible floral diversity and is home to the hugely popular Medellin Flower Festival.

Keeping cool means keeping safe: ten summer driving tips for holiday travellers

Keeping A/C on in the car keeps drivers safe, but many are unaware of benefits, according to a survey conducted by Honeywell

Summer weather has many drivers turning up the air conditioning to keep cool as they collectively cover hundreds of thousands of kilometers

Regular consumption of spicy foods linked to lower risk of death

Data suggests most benefit from eating spices regularly throughout the week

Eating spicy food more frequently as part of a daily diet is associated with a lower risk of death, suggests a new study

From Beach to Bustling City: Britain’s Best Breaks

It’s that time of year where we’re all searching the Internet in search of a little taste of freedom, pining for fleeting moments from reality and trying to pin down the ideal weekend break for a reasonable cost.

Whole Earth Partners With Celebrity Personal Trainers, Jackie And Mark Wren, To Bring The Nation ‘Wonder-Fuel Workouts’

Jackie & Mark Wren, well-known to UK fitness audiences following their best-selling workout video series with Davina McCall, have created the series of free, online workout videos

Record tourism and rising home sales make it a sizzling summer in Spain!

Spain’s record-breaking tourist numbers in the first half of 2015 will be welcomed by British homeowners up and down the Costas, many of whom rely on holiday lets to help pay for the running costs of their property.

Eco-Inspired Weekend Getaways

As there appears to have been an increase in people adopting an eco-friendly lifestyle, and with ‘glamping’ holidays as popular as ever, we thought we’d treat you to a list of some of the carbon-footprint-friendly places you can stay in the UK!

‘Successful ageing’ linked to harmful drinking among over 50s

Healthy, active, sociable, and well off older people more at risk; “middle class phenomenon” suggest researchers