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Is cancer really man-made?

Is cancer, just like climate change is claimed to be, really 'man-made'?

Michael Zimmerman a visiting professor at Manchester University says that

Beet the opposition

Want to exercise longer? Want to do better is sport? Then maybe the humble beetroot holds the answer for you. Many experts have always held that drinking beetroot juice will enhance your performance.

Is fifty the new twenty-five?

It has been said that 50 is the new 40, but according to research commissioned by Benenden Healthcare [1] 50 year olds now have more fun than 25 year olds. They have more nights out, more week-ends away and more meetings with friends than their younger counterparts.

The world's easiest quiz?

This was E-Mailed to me and I just have to share it with you.

It’s just a short 10 question quiz, which should take you next to no time to complete. And to make it even easier the pass mark is only a paltry 3 / 10.

McDonald's attacked by US doctors' group

A group of doctors from the US nonprofit 'Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine' (PCRM) is due to start airing adverts on cable TV in the New York area as of tomorrow.

Drink water and stay trim

You get in from a hard day’s work feeling a bit parched and pour yourself a glass of something (usually alcoholic). Then, flopping down in front of the TV, you realise that your belt is just a teensy-weensy bit tighter than yesterday.

The Sunseeker dream

Even at my age I am still full of dreams for the future, no pipe and slippers for me! And the ultimate pinnacle in dreams for me? To own a Sunseeker Yacht. Now that’s what I call ‘lifestyle’.

Now is this a realistic dream for me?

Want more energy? Let me tell you how!

David's Health Tips – Helping You Feel More Energetic!

You do an activity and your body utilises energy to do the exercise. Once you stop, the body requires yet more energy to recover itself. What gives you energy is the fuel you put into your body not the exercise.

Eating healthy? Make sure you are cooking healthy!

David's Health Tips – Time not spent every day to be healthy will be time spent doing ill!!

As the saying goes, 'you are what you eat', but there is one more thing that is being missed here that is just as critical. That it is how you cook it that is just as important!

Women prefer ‘macho’ men – official

So much for the ‘New Man’ concept or the so called ‘metrosexual’, it seems that women are still turned on by a real man.

A study published in the journal Psychology of Men and Masculinity

Dodgy Horoscope Predictions

The first, latest and last ever completely inaccurate and meaningless astrological predictions from The Economic Voice.

The benefits of interval training

As a regular gym goer who has travelled quite extensively, I am very used to seeing rows of people young and old grinding away for hours on end on the treadmills. Much of this is of the low intensity aerobic variety with the exerciser never nearing full maximum physical activity.