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The psychology of fashion

Don’t tell me you have never sat in a coffee shop, train station, bus station, airport, and just watched the world go by? I am a woman who believes fashion and clothes are the key to everything, so do we dress for ourselves or for others? I commute to London a lot and, as I sit in a Starbucks with my latté in Oxford Circus, the endless people who walk by puzzle me. I am going on to do a degree in psychology, therefore I seem to find myself pondering about the mental side of fashion and whether we dress according to our location, or do we dress for ourselves?

The Minuteman Crossword Number 4

Another in The Economic Voice Minuteman Crossword series.

Stone age man was a clever chap.

He could cross the Sahara Desert without modern equipment  and do all sorts of wonderful things that we cannot do today.

Fruit bats do fellatio too

Sorry, but that is a headline I never thought I’d see.

The Phoenix rises: Norton Motorcycles reborn

Norton Motorcycles began in Birmingham in 1898 with James Lansdowne Norton producing chains for motorcycles and bicycles. 4 years later they were manufacturing motorcycles built around other manufacturers’ engines. Then, in 1908, they started manufacturing their own complete motorcycles, engine and all. Starting off with single cylinder models they won their first Isle of Man Senior TT race in 1907 with a twin cylinder model ridden by Rem Fowler.

This Is Britain: Mwnt Beach

There are many beautiful places to visit on the coast of Wales but Mwnt is truly one of the most relaxing.

Walking: The oldest form of transport, second to crawling

In these days of families with 2 cars and buses and trains, we may forget that we have our own built-in transportation device that once engaged makes us lose weight and the procedure is very cost efficient and good for our health. It is commonly know as walking.

Minuteman Crossword No3

It might take you more than a minute. Solution to Minuteman crossword No2 attached.

Brecon Jazz: and the bizarre case of a campfire with dancing fairies

The year was 1989 and this writer was 16 years of age, The Brecon Jazz festival was the most looked forward to date in the diary for a teen in Merthyr,. This was my first year attending the festival and I had no idea what was in-store for me.

St Davids Pembrokeshire: and a pilgrimage of two drunken wasters

The year was 2000 and this writer was in his late 20s sitting in the upstairs living room (which was painted purple thanks to a drug induced Bohemian phase) I had made out of my grandmother's bedroom in my mothers house.

Shaftesbury, a jewel in Dorset

Shaftesbury, the ‘Shaston’ of the Thomas Hardy novels is an ancient town and one of the highest in England.

The Minuteman Crossword No2

Minuteman Crossword Number 2 and the solution to crossword number 1.