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Give free heroin to addicts on the NHS says nurses leader

I have had my pension valuation through from my insurance company and once again the valuation is poor. Can I transfer this so I can invest it myself?

Have a smoke? Have a tablet.

New dissolvable nicotine pellets introduced by tobacco company R.J.Reynolds in 2009 may, according to reports, lead to accidental nicotine poisoning.

Christians crowd to view the Turin shroud

Sex addiction or high expectations?

Support Children’s Hospices UK

One of the things every parent dreads is the thought of having to see their child pass away. Sadly, this does happen. I personally would like to send my love to any parent who is having to face this awful experience.

Celebs and eating disorders

Medicine: "practise makes perfect"

The truth about unlimited broadband deals

Unlimited – without limits, endless, infinite …. or is it?

More good news for wine drinkers

Back pain and intensive exercise

Jan Helgerund of the Norwegian University of Science and Technology recommends that we do four sessions of four minutes each with a three minute rest between them. Doing this interval training once a week would increase our fitness whilst cutting down time in the gym he says.

One in five workers hates their colleagues