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Musical memoirs: Glastonbury '86

Let me take you back to the time of the mid eighties when the country was in the same sort of mess as it is now.

Minuteman Crossword No 6

You may not do it in a minute.

The psychology of the designer label

Why do we spend a fortune on one particular T-Shirt just because it has become the ‘Season’s Must Have’? One costs £58 in Topshop

Portishead and Nigel Parker make me proud to be British

Its not very often that I get moved in a positive way by the news but the news of Nigel Parker and the Christmas lights of Portishead warmed the innards of this cynical reporter. In a celebrity obsessed age our cultural events only gain prestige when a celebrity takes the centre stage leaving us mere mortals in awe of their grand presence.

The Minuteman Crossword No 5

Britain's Best Pub: The Star Inn Talybont-On-Usk

In my life I have been to some great pubs up and down the country, but one pub stands out amongst them for it's real ales and warm friendly atmosphere and that pub is The Star Inn in Talybont-on-Usk. There is no finer location to sit with friends and put the world to rights with a quality real ale.

The psychology of fashion

Don’t tell me you have never sat in a coffee shop, train station, bus station, airport, and just watched the world go by? I am a woman who believes fashion and clothes are the key to everything, so do we dress for ourselves or for others? I commute to London a lot and, as I sit in a Starbucks with my latté in Oxford Circus, the endless people who walk by puzzle me. I am going on to do a degree in psychology, therefore I seem to find myself pondering about the mental side of fashion and whether we dress according to our location, or do we dress for ourselves?

The Minuteman Crossword Number 4

Another in The Economic Voice Minuteman Crossword series.

Stone age man was a clever chap.

He could cross the Sahara Desert without modern equipment  and do all sorts of wonderful things that we cannot do today.

Fruit bats do fellatio too

Sorry, but that is a headline I never thought I’d see.

The Phoenix rises: Norton Motorcycles reborn

Norton Motorcycles began in Birmingham in 1898 with James Lansdowne Norton producing chains for motorcycles and bicycles. 4 years later they were manufacturing motorcycles built around other manufacturers’ engines. Then, in 1908, they started manufacturing their own complete motorcycles, engine and all. Starting off with single cylinder models they won their first Isle of Man Senior TT race in 1907 with a twin cylinder model ridden by Rem Fowler.

This Is Britain: Mwnt Beach

There are many beautiful places to visit on the coast of Wales but Mwnt is truly one of the most relaxing.