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Want more energy? Let me tell you how!

David's Health Tips – Helping You Feel More Energetic!

You do an activity and your body utilises energy to do the exercise. Once you stop, the body requires yet more energy to recover itself. What gives you energy is the fuel you put into your body not the exercise.

Eating healthy? Make sure you are cooking healthy!

David's Health Tips – Time not spent every day to be healthy will be time spent doing ill!!

As the saying goes, 'you are what you eat', but there is one more thing that is being missed here that is just as critical. That it is how you cook it that is just as important!

Women prefer ‘macho’ men – official

So much for the ‘New Man’ concept or the so called ‘metrosexual’, it seems that women are still turned on by a real man.

A study published in the journal Psychology of Men and Masculinity

Dodgy Horoscope Predictions

The first, latest and last ever completely inaccurate and meaningless astrological predictions from The Economic Voice.

The benefits of interval training

As a regular gym goer who has travelled quite extensively, I am very used to seeing rows of people young and old grinding away for hours on end on the treadmills. Much of this is of the low intensity aerobic variety with the exerciser never nearing full maximum physical activity.

One great reason to become a vegetarian

Give me a few minutes of you time and I’ll give you one fantastic reason for being vegetarian.

While fish is the main dietary way to obtain the long-chain omega-3s eicosapentaenoic acid and docosahexaenoic acid, which were shown to be essential in supporting brain health

Lazing on a sunny, Sunday afternoon in Abergavenny

Abergavenny is a Monmouthshire market town nestling in the Welsh countryside which borders Powys. I grew up 14 miles away at the top of the South Wales Valleys yet ventured into Abergavenny very little. After all how much difference can 14 miles make culturally? One would imagine there would be almost no difference.

Will you survive Glastonbury 2010 Mudmen?

Glastonbury is now open with Gorillaz and Muse amongst many top names playing at this year's Glastonbury Festival and our brave and free youth will descend on those sacred fields ready to party to the extreme just like their parents and grandparents before them.

Are back problems on the increase?

As some readers will be aware I suffered a bout of intense back pain a couple of years ago, but have since managed to live pain free. This was due mostly to getting the right information.

However, since then I seem to be coming across more and more people

Quinta do Lago

Golf Club on tour in Portugal’s central Algarve

Quinta do Lago – the perfect destination all round

Six of us recently went on a ‘boys-only’ central Algarve golfing week based

A romantic week away

Have we found the best view in Spain?

Los Monteros Hill Club was simply outstanding

A while ago my wife and I had a relaxing week away.

Call of Duty – Black Ops

The brand new call of duty is due out on the 9th of November 2010.

The hype for Call of Duty 7: Black Ops is immense The new trailer previewed earlier this week and it promises to be a huge game.