New £1 Coin Becomes Legal Tender

The new £1 coin becomes legal tender from Tuesday 28 March. The new 12-sided coin is being rolled out across the country

Beyond the Politics: European investment opportunities amid political turmoil

By Michelle McGrade, chief investment officer of TD Direct Investing

On Wednesday, 29 March the world’s eyes will be back on Europe as Article 50 is triggered

Coffee fuelling UK worker overtime

Coffee drinkers are nearly three times more likely to stay late at work, a new survey shows

UK Banks Can Learn from their US Counterparts in Response to PSD2

Open banking initiative requires banks to implement ‘two-speed’ innovation

UKIP: Six key tests to prove Brexit means Exit

In a speech today at the Marriott County Hall, Westminster Bridge UKIP leader, Paul Nuttall, spelled out the six key tests that would prove that 'Brexit means Exit'.

Top Ten ISA Ideas

With rising inflation eating into real returns, how can investors make the most of their remaining ISA allowance?

Investors Trade Short as Article 50 Looms

Short options against the Pound hit record levels following confirmation from Downing Street that Article 50 would be triggered March 29.

Labour’s Six Tests for Brexit Deal

In a speech at Chatham House today, Monday 27th March, Keir Starmer, Shadow Secretary of State for Exiting the EU, will set out Labour’s six tests for any final Brexit deal.

Eurozone Companies' Reaction to Political Risk


While 2017 will see a number of different political risks coming to the fore, what is clear is that uncertainty about

Cash ISAs are a £4bn loss to savers

With just over two weeks to go until this year’s ISA deadline, savers using cash ISA accounts are set to lose over £4 billion in real terms in the next tax year if inflation rates continue to rise as predicted.

Optimism Stabilises as Financial Services Gets Boost From Solid Economy – CBI/PwC

Firms testing cyber security defences

Buoyed by a broadly resilient economy, sentiment in the financial services sector stabilised

Why should savers consider a Stocks and Shares Lifetime ISA?

The Share Centre is one of a limited number of providers to offer the new Lifetime ISA when it goes live this April.