Solar panels and wind turbines are just eco-bling for houses

Professor Doug King of the University of Bath has poured cold water on claims that solar panels and small wind turbines placed on peoples’ houses will reduce the UK’s carbon emissions. In the report, “Engineering a low-carbon built environment – the discipline of building engineering physics”, by the Royal Academy of Engineering

Billy Bragg goes on tax strike

UK will lead the way, says Goldman Sachs

The Economic Voice totally unscientific Inflation Watch (update 2)

This is the second update since my baseline of prices at my local supermarket and garage was established on the 4th January 2010. It brings with it one or two surprises.

I have not been scientific with my selection of products to track. All I did was to try and choose at random stuff that the average family might pop in the shopping basket. I have stuck

More misleading climate change data

When you consider how much tax is taken from the UK (and other) population(s) in the name of climate change you suddenly realise what a vested interest the government(s) have in keeping the climate change conveyor belt going.

Global warming to pause, but not the climate change claims

According to a report in the Daily Telegraph there are a few scientists who believe that global warming is set to ‘pause’ over the two or three decades. This will be a result, according to them, of the cyclical changes that occur in ocean currents.

Professor Mojib Latif of Germany’s Kiel University Leibniz Institute believes these ocean current cycles

Snow falls, the UK panics and shuts down. Why?

As the usual panic sets it because we have a few inches of snow, it is symptomatic of how the welfare state has enfeebled the country. Somebody must be found to take responsibility for this thing called ‘Winter’.

It started last night. The old were told not to panic over heating their homes because the Government are going to give them a couple of extra quid, so that’s a relief.

The Wheelie-Bin Urinal, by Stephan Bischof

For those that missed the BBC News this morning I bring you the amazing Wheelie Bin Urinal, the brain-child of one Stephan Bischof. And no, before you check your watch or calendar, it is not April the First.

Stephan has lived in three countries and studied widely as well as speaking three languages fluently. His main area of interest is in design

Nice result for Leeds United and Leeds University

Thirty Leeds University teachers and students together with seventeen people rescued from the local A66, were cut off for two days in the ultimate ‘pub lock-in’. A very long New Year’s party in the Tan Hill Inn, the highest pub in Britain at 1,732 Ft above sea level, resulted after they became trapped by 7 ft snowdrifts.

The Brussel Sprout – A Christmas improved or a Christmas ruined?

This news in the Telegraph will come as a total blessing to some and as a total disaster to others. What is the news? A failure of the Brussel Sprout crop! It seems that snow has not just stopped the airlines, roads and the trains, it has also destroyed that staple of love and hate at Christmas, the humble sprout.

Brussel Sprouts are usually picked 2 weeks before Christmas to be served up with the seasonal fowl, but this year’s weather seems to have frozen them causing many crops to be left un-gathered.

Robert Key, heroic not reckless, deserves a posthumous award for bravery

The family of Bombardier Robert Key never talked about his death in Annezin, France on 5th September 1944. It was an uncomfortable subject for them as they had been told he had been killed whilst showing off with a hand grenade.

But the real and truly heroic and heart warming story has emerged after the family of the Bombardier were approached by the town’s mayor, Daniel Delomez, to inform them that a road was being named in his honour.

Schoolgirl Amy writes a letter to a burglar

Catherine and Steven returned home with their two young daughters, Sophie 3 and Amy 10, to find their home had been burgled. The TV, games console, jewellery, wine and DVDs were taken as well as (unbelievable as it sounds) an electric toothbrush charger and young Amy’s swimming armbands.

Amy Winteridge was so upset that she would not go back in the house and had to sleep with an aunt.