MPs Expenses: spouses revolt

The spouses of MPs are now flexing their contractual muscles. They are angry that they are being targeted in the push to reduce the scope for misuse of public funds.

Sir Christopher Kelly, who is producing the Commons expenses review, is expected to recommend an outright ban on the employment of close family members by MPs.

Time To Question: ‘Question Time’?

First of all let me get this straight: I am not a supporter of, nor an apologist for, the BNP.   But last nights Question Time was what can only be described as an ‘interesting farce.’   Interesting because non-mainstream (extreme) views were finally given a chance to be aired (well shouted down, booed and whistled at).  A farce because they weren’t listened to.

An Afternoon With Libertarian Party Leader Ian Parker-Joseph

As I drive towards the house of the Libertarian Party leader I don't know what quite to expect seeing as this is my first meeting with a political party leader. I am intrigued by the notion of libertarianism however I am also not sure that I am a libertarian and I need to clarify a few questions I have on what the Libertarian Party is all about.

The Fire Sale Begins

I see from the Times Online that Gordon Brown’s ship has now hit the rocks of decision.

The reality of tax and spend has hit home hard! And how!

You can smell the panic and fear.

Have the Taliban really changed their stance on drugs?

"The Pentagon has put 50 of Afghanistan’s powerful opium barons on a “kill or capture” list, signalling a radical shift in tactics against the Taleban.

The announcement came as the commander of US forces in Afghanistan, General Stanley McChrystal, admitted that the insurgency, nurtured by tens of millions of dollars from the country’s vast poppy fields, now held the upper hand. " (Times Online)

It won't matter how many you kill or capture, there will always be another ten to replace them.

The root cause is the money they get from drugs. Not from some far away place but from drug dealers on the streets of the US and Europe. So the farmers produce it and sell it cheap to the Taliban who take all the subsequent risks and profits, so the perceived wisdom goes.

Its easy to make promises on policy when you have no chance of being the government to see them through

The much anticipated speech by Gordon Brown had some quite rallying moments and I for one was impressed by certain parts of his performance. Maybe he has come into the shape of a political leader albeit too late to save his party and exert any effective influence over the countries banking system which just laughs at him, in fact everyone laughs at him.

Getting people to vote is easy

Now, how do we get the great unwashed to take a proper interest in politics and then take the extra step and vote? How many times have we all heard the phrase “I don’t do politics!” Usually spouted as some sort of high minded mantra by a loud mouthed beer swilling git. These people then parade their refusal to vote as a badge of honour.

Boris Sets The Tone For Conference

Like a character out of Black adder, London's eccentric mayor Boris Johnson shakes things up at the opening of the conservative party conference. His outspokenness, humor, signature mop of blond hair and silver spoon vocabulary is what has made the British public warm to him more than any other politician of recent times…even the hoodies love him.

Another Broken Promise

Earlier this year Gordon Brown visited our troops in Afghanistan. Standing in Helmand province before the world cameras he made his promise to give our troops the support they need.

Demand to know what data they hold on you!

Author: Au Contraire

The Sky article is old news now, but this law should be kept under constant review. Not by law makers but by us, lest we forget we are being monitored.

The government’s Interception Modernisation Programme swung into action in the middle of March.

Part of this requires that records of every call, e-mail, web browsing session and text message are stored for a rolling 12 month period.

And what exactly is wrong with deflation?

Every time I read about deflation it comes with a wealth warning. But why?

Is it possible that a period of deflation could actually be of benefit to us?

We have been fed the constant message that 2% inflation rate will somehow keep our economy growing at about 2% too. Good for everyone we’re told. But at that rate of growth, our economy would double in size every 34 to 35 years. How can that possibly be sustainable? Especially if everyone on the planet is at it.

Money for government propoganda and spin

“The Mail 26th Mar 09 – Hey, big spender: Government set to become biggest advertiser as it blows £400m on promotion and spin”

‘The Daily Mail and General Trust (DMGT) is to cut 1,000 jobs as the advertising slump continues to hurt newspapers.’

‘ITV has announced it is cutting 600 jobs across its businesses, and plans to make other "significant" savings.’