Should non-smokers get fresh-air breaks?

While smokers could argue five minutes doesn’t make much difference to the day, wouldn’t it be fair to give non-smokers the same opportunity?

Shopping Centre Becomes First to Launch Crime Initiative

Motherwell Shopping Centre will become the first in Scotland to join crime-fighting authorities in launching an initiative targeting shoplifting on its premises.

Green Party calls for "system shift" in approach to workers' rights on day of McDonald's strikes

The Green Party says political parties must stop "tinkering around the edges" of the economy on the day that workers at two branches

10% Fewer New Teachers Risks Major Education Crisis say Lib Dems

The nation’s schools are on the verge of a major crisis as data shows that the number of new teachers has dropped by 10% compared with last year.

Non-Dom Taxpayers Directly Contribute £9.3bn in Tax Receipts

Number of non-doms in UK up to 121,300 in 2014/15 from 119,800 in 2013/14

The release of HMRC’s Non-Domiciled Taxpayer Statistics for the UK earlier today

Staying in Education Linked to Lower Risk of Heart Disease

Health benefits of education – Increasing number of years spent in education likely to lead to health benefits

Henry Bolton Challenges UKIP Decision to Allow Anne-Marie Waters to Stand as a Party Leadership Candidate

UPDATED. Henry Bolton, one of the challengers to take on the mantle of UKIP leadership, has challenged the decision by the party's National Executive Committee to allow one of the other candidates

GDP per Capita vs Net Migration


This chart plots 31 countries according to the level of GDP and net migration relative to their populations.

UK Outlines Proposals for Shared Approach on Data Protection

The Government will today (Thursday, 24 August) set out its plans for arrangements that could ensure personal data would continue to move back and forth between the UK and the EU

Improvised Explosive Devices Inflict Much More Serious Injuries Than Land Mines

Multiple amputations much more likely

The types of close contact injuries inflicted by improvised explosive devices (IEDs) are much more serious than those associated with land mines

Couple given permission to go to Supreme Court over different-sex civil partnerships

The couple at the heart of the effort to open civil partnerships to different-sex couples have been granted permission to take their legal fight to the UK Supreme Court.

There are More University Students Than Available Accommodation

In 2016-17, the number of purpose built beds reached more than half a million at 568,000 – an increase of 5.4% from the previous year.