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Know Your Normal – How Well Do We Know Our Bodies?

Everyone remembers sitting through biology lessons at school learning about the human body, but most of us don’t learn much more about our bodies after that, unless something goes wrong.  Our bodies are complex machines, with...

The Human, Smart and Sustainable Future of Cities

The city of the future is a symbol of progress. The sci-fi vision of the future city with sleek skyscrapers and flying cars, however, has started to give way to a more plausible, human, practical, and green image known as the...

The Leadership Challenges of Implementing AI in the Workplace

By Rohit Talwar, Steve Wells and Alexandra Whittington, Fast Future Technological changes are defining the world of 21st century business. They are also prompting questions about the future of work and how we can navigate to the...

Tech Guru Unveils New Battery To Challenge Lithium-Ion

The rise of electric vehicles and the quest to find solutions to energy storage for the renewables industry have created a breeding ground for tech experts to develop battery technologies. Last week, Sun Microsystems co-founder...

UK is the Largest Supplier of the World's Ivory Markets

New analysis by the London-based Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA) has revealed that the UK is the world’s largest exporter of legal ivory – and the largest exporter of legal ivory to Hong Kong and China. Ahead of World...

YouTube Creator? Want more views? Get Tube Buddy!

Boost your YouTube channel video views with Tube Buddy, the YouTube certified tool the big boys use This article is not intended as a ‘how to’ guide, but more as a short Tube Buddy review or overview for those who are unfamiliar...


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