Science, Technology & Environment

Illegal trade is still pushing the vaquita to extinction

Despite multiple commitments and increased international attention, efforts to save the world’s most endangered marine mammal are proving woefully inadequate

How a Kenyan startup’s business model connected Kibera slum residents to the web

In this always-on era, nearly two-thirds of the world’s population, or 4.9 billion people, are still not connected to the Internet.

Increased risk of blood clots soon after starting testosterone treatment

Risk peaks rapidly in first six months and declines gradually thereafter

Sir Richard Branson invests in "climate change" breakthrough technology!

Virgin Voyages embraces Swedish Climeon as one step to reverse climate change

Replacing professional nurses with nursing assistants linked to heightened death risk

Odds rise by 21% for each substitution per 25 patients, large European study reveals

Chinese Inventors Battle It Out For Edinburgh Design Award

Aspiring inventors all the way from China have entered an Edinburgh “Dragons Den” inspired event which over the years has become a magnet for global talent.

Cut exposure to synthetic chemicals to ward off 150,000+ European diabetes cases

…And save billions of Euros in associated costs every year, estimate researchers

Ryedale mum & daughter set up home in Barclays bank to protest against fracking

A living room scene – complete with sofa, plants and coffee table – was set up inside a Barclays bank branch in York yesterday

Emissions charge plans are demonising drivers

London mayor's £10 emissions surcharge demonises drivers says UKIP

India Acts on HFC-23 Super-Pollutant

Major development in the fight against climate change

Pamela Anderson Urges Theresa May to Ban Wild Animal Circuses

'Brexit Is Complicated, but Kissing Circus Animal Acts Goodbye Is Easy as Pie', Writes Blonde Beauty

Consumer group’s HFC phase-down plan a boost

Consumer group’s HFC phase-down plan is a boost to Montreal Protocol talks