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Regular chocolate consumption may be linked to lower risk of heart flutter (atrial fibrillation)

Associations strongest for 1 serving/week for women and 2-6 servings/week for men, findings show

The EU-wide ban on the water hyacinth

Dr Julia Reid MEP, UKIP’s Environment Spokesman said: “As we begin to prepare our gardens for the summer, many of us will be reminded why our decision to leave the European Union was the right one.

European Political Parties Open to E-Mail Based Cyberattacks

100% of European Political Parties with upcoming elections have left themselves and voters open to email-based cyberattacks

FTC and Federal, State and International Partners Announce Major Crackdown on Tech Support Scams

Fraudsters tricked consumers into thinking their computers were infected, then charged them hundreds of dollars for removal of non-existent viruses, malware

Hospitals must be prepared for ransomware attacks

Hospitals need to be prepared for ransomware attacks, warns a doctor in The BMJ today.

5 Clean Energy Innovations That Could Transform Our World

Innovations in energy storage, smart grid, and electricity generation technologies will affect every part of the source-to-consumer supply chain for powering the planet.

The Economist highlights the impact of food waste on the environment

The Economist highlights the impact of food waste on the environment through its #feedingthefuture campaign

Updated mortality projections show life expectancy falling again

Willis Towers Watson says that the life expectancy assumptions used by many pension schemes are likely to fall, following updates to a model commonly used to project future mortality rates.

Very low frequency electromagnetic field exposure linked to motor neurone disease

Association evident among men exposed through work

Workplace exposure to very low frequency electromagnetic fields may be linked to a doubling in risk

The World's First Clean Air Gallery Opens in London

The Clean Air Gallery will be open to the public from 27 – 29 March 2017 in Brixton – an area that surpassed its annual air pollution limit 5 days into 2017.

Moderate drinking linked to lower risk of some – but not all – heart conditions

A more nuanced approach to role of alcohol in heart health is needed

Advancing Financial Inclusion in a Digital Age

Asia Pacific Financial Inclusion Summit Kicks Off in Hanoi, Vietnam