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Product Design & 3D Printing: What’s To Come In 2020?

3D printing will Revolutionise our Lives

Govt should invest in green energy solutions, not nuclear white elephant, says Friends of the Earth

Friends of the earth: Invest in green energy not a nuclear power white elephant

Ann Widdecombe calls on Prime Minister to ban wild animals from circuses

Former MP Ann Widdecombe Takes David Cameron to Task for Failure to Enact Legislation

Gillian Anderson calls on Indian health minister to fast-track repeat-testing ban

Actor filming in India joins PETA India in urging authorities to spare animals when toxicity data already exists

Regular exercise before pregnancy may stave off pains that are common among mums-to-be

High impact activities, such as jogging, ball games, and aerobics may be most helpful, study suggests

Former SeaWorld trainer asks Marineland to free orcas

"It breaks my heart to hear that Valentin, Inouk, Wikie and the other orcas at Marineland whom I love and once cared for are in grave danger"

The Progression Of Digital Printing In The Digital Era

Printing has come a long way in the digital age

Leading wool supplier Chargeurs ends business relationship with farm after sheep found mutilated, abused

PETA US' Video Exposé Prompts Chargeurs to Stop Obtaining Wool From Farm in Argentina Immediately

Seafood Giant Actively Involved in Largest Fin Whale Hunt Since Commercial Whaling Ban

Iceland’s controversial fin whale hunt has now ended with a catch of 155 endangered fin whales, the largest slaughter since the 1986 moratorium on commercial whaling.

Userful and Blackmagic Design simplify deployment of real time UHD on video walls

Userful announces support for Blackmagic Design to make it simpler for AV professionals to deploy real time Ultra HD on video walls

Innovative software enables anyone to display multiple HDMI input sources on video walls of all kinds or on stand alone displays

How technology is advancing the design industry

We all benefit from advancements in technology every single day. The ways we interact with one another, order our lives, spend our leisure time, shop, travel to work and conduct our work have been radically altered.

BMJ investigation questions expert advice underpinning new US dietary guidelines

The expert report underpinning the latest dietary guidelines for Americans fails to reflect much relevant scientific literature in its reviews of crucial topics and therefore risks giving a misleading picture