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UK Ban on Microbeads

The UK is to introduce a ban on the use of plastic microbeads in personal care ‘rinse-off’ products and toothpaste.

6 Tips to Help You Choose the Right SEO Company

A lot of conflicting information exists on what you should look for in an SEO company.

What does the farm of the 21st century look like?

A collection of research pieces has underlined the point that agricultural practices must develop and become increasingly efficient.

WHO decision to downgrade Tamiflu “comes far too late” argues expert

The World Health Organization’s decision to downgrade the influenza drug Tamiflu on its essential medicines list is better late than never

Tooth grinding may be a sign your child is being bullied, study finds

The connection in children between bullying and teeth grinding

A leading health charity is urging parents to be on the lookout for their children grinding their teeth

Concussion important but badly neglected issue in Para sports, say experts

Time to take action now to tackle this poorly understood issue

Concussion is an important but badly neglected issue in Para sports

Forget going viral, invest on a dedicated audience and better SEO

Viral content is the white whale of all SEOs who are trying to make it big at one shot. We are not saying, “Viral content" does not exist.

100 Nearly Naked Protesters Fill Sky With 'Blood' to Highlight Torture of Bulls in Pamplona

Activists From Around the World Demand an End to Bloody Bullfights

Exposed: the Chinese town at the centre of global ivory smuggling

An exhaustive investigation has revealed how criminal gangs originating from an obscure town in southern China have come to dominate the smuggling of illegal ivory tusks

Forget drones in our skies, driverless cars on our roads are the future of deliveries

By William Sachiti, The Academy of Robotics

With its wealth of resources and dominance in retail delivery, it is Amazon that’s pioneering drone delivery.

EU urged to honour Paris Agreement and withdraw support for gas mega-pipeline

In an open letter released today, climate scientists, indigenous leaders, environmental and social justice groups, actors and artists call on the European Union to immediately withdraw its support for a gas mega-pipeline

Higher IQ in childhood is linked to a longer life

Higher intelligence (IQ) in childhood is associated with a lower lifetime risk of major causes of death, including heart disease, stroke, smoking related cancers, respiratory disease and dementia