For the past few days there have been continuous sightings of Catherine Zeta Jones looking decidedly miserable and the media at large sees this as a matter of some concern.

Is the media genuinely concerned about Catherine? Or does it just simply not compute that her whole world is in the process of collapsing because her husband is fighting for his very life?

This morbid fascination with someone else's pain is pure voyeurism and totally unacceptable to anyone with a moral compass but pictures of Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas in distress sells newspapers and magazines.

What have we become?

Is it unexpected that someone trying to take their mind off the prospect of losing the love of their life is taking the dog for a long walk?

Catherine is furious that the doctors did not detect the cancer earlier after they both expressed concern to their medical practitioners and expressed this view to the press.

Michael is still cracking jokes and wearing a brave face for the cameras and his children, so both are very much in the moment of life with cancer so both are working with the media on this matter.

But dog walking speculation always leaves a bitter taste in the mouth. When someone is clearly trying to deal with stuff the last thing they need is have the one space to deal with that stuff taken away by media intrusion.

It is milking the misery of others for every drop.

I find the way celebs are pictured during times of trauma completely  distasteful but these photos and the ensuing speculation sells papers. The pen may be mightier than the sword, but the pen is moved by money.

If you want to empathise send a card or donation to cancer research and do not be surprised if a the spouse to a cancer sufferer is spotted looking glum.

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