The CBI has responded to the publication of the Government’s White Paper on Brexit.

Carolyn Fairbairn, CBI Director-General, said:

We welcome the additional detail that has been given in this White Paper addressing some of our concerns. It is vital that the business voice continues to be heard loud and clear in the UK and across Europe to make a success of Brexit and ensure our future prosperity.

“Falling back on WTO rules would be damaging so the pressure is on to deliver the best possible deal, as well as a smooth and orderly exit.

“The UK faces skills and labour shortages so businesses will welcome the opportunity to help design a post-Brexit migration system which works for all sectors. It is critical that business has access to the graduate and non-graduate workers our economy needs to thrive.

“The Government is right to recognise the importance of the views of the devolved nations, so businesses across the UK will want to feel they are being listened to.

“The CBI will support the Government to secure the best possible outcome for the UK.

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