The CBI director General, John Cridland, responded to the speeches given today by the Prime Minister, David Cameron, and the Shadow Chancellor, Ed Balls at the CBI Annual Conference.

On the Prime Minister’s speech John Cridland said:

On Europe:

The Prime Minister’s positive reaction to the CBI’s ‘Our Global Future’ report on Europe is an encouraging sign that we can work with Government to reform the EU from the inside. ‘Inside with reform’ is the only way to secure future growth and jobs."

On the economy:

Business is with the Prime Minister on wanting to tackle the structural deficit and welcomes his commitment to replace ageing infrastructure and deliver improvements on education and skills."

On HS2:

Business was keen to hear the Prime Minister argue the case on HS2 based on capacity and connectivity, and welcomed his clear assurance on managing costs."

On business in schools:

David Cameron - Open Govt Licence via Wikimedia Commons

David Cameron – Open Govt Licence

The CBI will willingly get behind the Prime Minister’s push to get more business people visiting and speaking in our schools.”

On the Shadow Chancellor’s speech John Cridland said:

Business will be reassured by the Shadow Chancellor’s comments that the Labour Party has no intention of separating big business from smaller business.

On Europe:

We share ground on the need for Britain to build alliances to secure EU reform."

On energy:

The CBI also welcomes the Shadow Chancellor’s recognition of the vital need to build UK infrastructure but we still do not see how a price freeze on energy costs would encourage investment.”

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