This is the seventh and probably final outing for Celebrity Big Brother (CBB) on Sunday in a new plush red and flame motif filled house. Falling interest and ratings are finally putting paid to this programme that, at one time, was seen as indestructible.

The format of selecting people specifically on psychological grounds to ensure incompatibility prior to stuffing them into close proximity with each other seems to be a fading attraction. After all, most people can get enough of that within their own marriages, work and family lives.

In an attempt to boost interest CBB are bringing in another Tourette’s Syndrome sufferer to try and emulate the 2006 series when musician Peter Bennett won despite shouting obscenities at fellow contestants. The new contestant is Swedish DJ Basshunter, who is also ‘famous’ for having sex scenes with his ex plastered over the internet. He also claims to be well endowed. lots of quick censorship may be needed here.

CBB have also matched Vinnie Jones, infamous for his Paul Gascoigne ‘tackle-grabbing’ antics, against cagefighter Alex Reid (aka Roxanne) the well known Jordan dumpee and cross-dresser. The hope here is that an Alpha-Male contest will break out. More likely ‘Roxanne’ will appear in a dress and Vinnie will courteously open the door.

Other celebs in the line-up are:

  • Ekaterina Ivanova (Ronnie Wood’s ex young lover).
  • Nicola T (I had to Google that one).
  • Dane Bowers (Another Jordan ex, I detect a theme here).
  • Heidi Fleiss (the ‘Hollywood Madam’).
  • Ivana Trump (Why?).
  • Stephanie Beacham (from Bad Girls)
  • Stephen Baldwin (one of the ‘Baldwin Brothers’)

The show will be hosted by Davina McCall.

Making a spectacle out of a Tourette’s sufferer, even with their consent, does not make for an edifying spectacle. Just a fairground attraction for the masses akin to the bearded lady etc. But they have allegedly turned Kerry Katona down on psychological grounds because she has Bi-polar disorder. Only the Star newspaper now seems to be running with the CBB story, but it is after all the official CBB newspaper.

Maybe the programme needs to take a leaf out of the ‘I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here’ book and make all the contestants eat cold tripe. Hopefully CBB will die in 2010 and please Sky, do not resurrect it.

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