What is going on with these minor sub-celebs? do they think that a loyal, doting and supportive man can be discarded at the drop of a hat if they don't tick all the boxes on any given day.

After reading the latest headlines on the behavior of certain individuals that pass as the modern day celebrity, who as a prerequisite to become famous must have no obvious talent, I was left sorely disappointed with their behaviour.

I am left feeling rather angry at the message that their recent collective actions has sent out to the next generation on fidelity and it's the women who are doing the heartbreaking.

For years women complained about the behavior of men in the media spotlight who were unfaithful to their wives and girlfriends, and what happens in the 21st century? Women have decided to emulate the this very behavior.

If that's the way society is going and I am a relic from a bygone age then fin. But yet again the media is obsessed with bringing the exploits of these non-entities to the forefront of public attention and the decadent non accountability facade that some of these celebrities hold as moral values should be quarantined and not put on public display.

As a libertarian minded individual I should believe in non censorship but when it comes to this rot that has taken seed within our society I have to say there should be definite cultural censorship on the actions of celebs who do nothing for us as a society except teach the next generation to behave as though there are no consequences.

So Hannah Waterman dumped her husband because of a diet and new found confidence. Great message to send out to the kids Hannah.

Jordan Price or whatever she is called is apparently considering dumping a man because he isn't behaving as she would like on a television program she apparently pushed him to be on. Yep kids lap this up as normal relationship parameters.

And Katia has dumped Jonas because she thought it was harmless flirting to sleep in the same bed as someone and snogging them when you already have a boyfriend. Children this is NOT normal its just a bunch of badly behaved adults pretending to pass as normal people who unfortunately have had too much exposure to the camera and not enough exposure to morals that teach you this sort of behavior is wrong.

One way of preventing this sort of tripe getting into into the minds of our yoof is to actually sit down and tell them that the actions of sub-celebs should be looked upon as the sad actions of sad people and to enjoy their innocence, there is plenty of time to mess a life up.

Isn't society dysfunctional enough?

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