Scientists at the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) are rather puzzled after they found subatomic particles called neutrinos, travelling faster than the speed of light.

Tests carried out at the home of the LHC showed neutrinos travelling 60 nanoseconds faster than light between Geneva and the Gran Sasso laboratory in Italy, a distance of 730 km making it the first time a neutrino has been observed and recorded travelling at such speeds.

Antonio Ereditato of the OPERA Collaboration said:

"We have high confidence in our results. But we need other colleagues to do their tests and confirm them,"

He also described the event a:

"an apparently unbelievable result"

The trouble is that science's understanding of the universe is underpinned by the speed of light being the fastest speed at which anything can travel.

If the test results are confirmed then it will mean that Einstein's theory of relativity will be called into question and that could rewrite the way we understand the universe.

In other words….back to the drawing board.

Neutrinos are strange little blighters and have recently been seen changing from one type of neutrino to another and at Cern one type of  neutrino has been sent from Geneva to the Gran Sasso lab and that type of neutrino is called a muon neutrino.

The bunches of neutrinos were measured 15,000 times and that should be more than adequate to formally announce a new discovery. However such is the magnitude of this result,  the team are to hold a seminar this Friday and put the findings on-line for closer scrutiny to check for any possible discrepancies

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