Chantelle Houghton is distraught over newspaper speculation about the state of her relationship with Alex Reid, she even believes she may be being bugged.

Speaking to OK Magazine Chantelle spoke of her desperation to find out who is the source of the information to the press, be it a friend who has betrayed her or if she is being bugged.

The eight month pregnant reality television star also said that Alex Reid has denied being the one who has spoken out about their alleged arguments.

It appears as if the wedding that the press has said was off is very much still on, with both Chantelle and Alex both using media outlets and social media to put to rest any fears that the relationship and wedding are off.

But is this not where the media are tripping up themselves again?

Why should a media outlet, printed or on-line chose go on hearsay with regards to the state of a relationship, particularly when the bride is eight months pregnant.

If Chantelle Houghton and Alex Reid's marriage and relationship is off then please wait for them to make a press release to that effect. It's only manners.

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