Britain's most violent prisoner, Charles Bronson has been involved in a five hour altercation with prison guards.

According to an article in The Mirror, the incident happened at Wakefield Prison in West Yorkshire where Bronson is serving a discretionary life sentence even though he has not committed any crime normally associated with a life sentence.

58 year old Bronson (born Michael Gordon Peterson, 6 December 1952) stripped all his cloths off then covered himself in butter in the prison gym refusing to go back to his cell in a protest over a ban on materials he uses for his art work.

It took 9 prison guards from the Tornado retrain team 5 hours to return Bronson to his cell.

Bronson's spokesperson said "They stopped Charlie receiving cards to do the art which we’re selling to cover fees for his legal appeal. He controls himself much better than he did but sometimes it just gets too much."

This incident along with another similar incident in November 2010 may not bode well for any future parole board decision but these actions seem to be directly related to identifiable threats to Bronson's freedoms. For instance, The removal of Bronson's artwork which is being sold to pay for his legal costs must be his only way a man whose spends his life in solitary confinement has any control of his life.

One cannot help feeling a certain amount of sympathy for this man…..

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