Charlie Veitch has posted a sincere apology on his YouTube channel aimed at anyone he may have offended in his recent videos.

In his most recent entry the self proclaimed anarchist activist has cited the extraordinary circumstances which he found himself in as a result of being thrust into the public limelight for his recent actions.

The former Love Police project front-man appeared humbled after spending time in solitary confinement after a recent arrest, which he says gave him time to reflect on his behaviour, which then resulted in a war of words between himself and other activists.

Charlie says he is also suffering from ill health and has lost 15 percent of his body weight in recent months due to an autoimmune problem causing his body to attack itself. He said this condition has been set off by stress and disease since confrontations and the continued stress of being arrested.

He apologised for his recent video in which he said that conspiracy theorists were the enemy of the resistance.

I however do believe there is a certain amount of truth in this (and I may be pontificating out of context of Charlie's original comments on this matter) in as much as we need to draw some distinction between what the public can rally around and that which it finds ludicrous and could be detrimental to causes which attack the more than evident overbearing state.

But in his last Video Charlie said the Love Police is now at an end and he will be doing the videos in much more direct personal format……but never say never.

Veitch went on to apologise to David Icke and Alex Jones and I have to say that he really opened up and showed the world that there is more substance to this man than many of his critics give him credit for.

I am sure someone like David Icke will more than understand Charlie's predicament and what it is like to go through turbulence with the public's attention firmly fixed on your every movement seeing as Icke went through some spectacular changes in his life and had to battle ridicule for many years.

I make no bones about the fact that I am a huge fan of Charlie Veitch so I send out a huge well done to Charlie, it takes a real man to step up like that and say sorry, so huge amount of respect to you sir and it is quite beautiful to see such humanity that I am sure will bring with it healing between yourself and those he have found yourself in dispute with.

If you see a 6ft 5 inches man with a megaphone in London at the Occupy protests over the next few days who is entertaining you whilst giving the powers that be a piece of his mind, then give him your support he deserves and needs it…..this man inspired and motivated a generation of activists into peaceful demonstration.

Charlie Veitch is not your enemy, he is human being with flaws….just like the rest of us.

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