The voice of an angel and the Welsh rugby hero have split just weeks after their engagement was announced. Their five year relationship has come to an end with both parties broken hearted yet agreeing to the split.

Charlotte and Gavin are known for having a volatile relationship but it looks like the arguing became far too much for the star couple.

There has been speculation in the press that Charlotte and Gavin have both suffered from the green eyed monster and jealousy has crept into the relationship with Gavin apparently getting close to Footballers Wives actress Susie Amy and Charlotte having a kiss with another woman.

The truth of this is uncertain and personally I don't really want to comment any further on these rumours but it is a sad day for Gavin, Charlotte, their two children and Wales.

We have lost our royal couple and just like Welsh men and women across the country I hope they can patch it up, relationships are hard work (just ask my wife).

Maybe a little breathing space will do them good, but in the main I think they should be left alone to go out get drunk for a few weeks and cry but hopefully not on the shoulder of a member of the opposite sex.

Cider therapy can be very constructive and lead to drunken phone calls in which absolute love is declared or rather slurred to the other pining, heartbroken soul. It may not be recommended behaviour but its better than nothing.

And a quick message to Charlotte and Gavin.

If your out on the razz to kill the blues, I think St Mary Street in Cardiff is closed to traffic so you will have to get a taxi home from the top of Mill Lane…..hopefully you will be sharing it.
Best wishes both.

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