What a sweet and romantic boy our Gavin Henson is, he literally swept her off her feet (in a helicopter) to propose to Charlotte Church who is his long term girlfriend and mother of two of his children.

They are the Welsh version of Posh and Becks except with slightly more class and the lady in this relationship can actually sing, but now they are to be married after Gavin and Charlotte secretly got engaged two months ago.

Church who was recovering from a hangover after celebrating her 24th birthday, came out of the shower and noticed some strange noise outside which turned out to be a bloomin' helicopter on the couple's Garden.

Gavin then flew Charlotte (who's hangover had completely disappeared at this point) to Truro where they had lunch at the Nare hotel.

Our boy (my Welsh pride swelling here) went down on one knee and popped the question to Miss Church who by all accounts said…………."YES!!!" so Gav slipped the heart shaped Diamond 2 carat diamond ring he bought out in Dubai onto Charlotte's finger.

The couple are planning to get married as soon as is possible with their daughter as flower girl and their son as page boy.

Da Iawn both.

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