Charlotte Church has apologised for the comments she made in an interview with Esquire magazine in which she made quite unflattering remarks about the Queen.

In the interview Miss Church described the Queen as an old lady who has no idea what's going on due to the fact that the Queen had met the Charlotte on seven previous occasions yet failed to recognise her upon their every meeting.

Charlotte has said she is "deeply sorry" for any offence caused by her comments about the Queen and regrets that her remarks, which were flippant, should become the subject of such speculation.

She also acknowledged that the comments made to the Esquire journalist were foolish and she says she has very little recognition making the comments due to the passing nature of them.

Miss Church has expressed disbelief that Esquire (who she previously regarded to be a respectable publication) should choose to sensationalise her remarks in what she believes was an out of context quote.

As we all know the Queen must negotiate on a global scale many different appointments at any given time, this is a feat that most young people would struggle with and remembering who is who when presented with a constant sea of faces would tax the most vigilant young memory, but for a lady aged 84 it must be all that difficult.

But in Charlotte's defence it must be said that she has probably made a valid observation in that the Queen must be nearing the end of her reign as an effective monarch. Short of extending her already extended delegation of appointments to immediate members of the Royal family it looks like an abdication/retirement from civil duty is becoming an increasing probability.

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