And 'staid' Tunbridge Wells comes second (see map below)

Chelsea is the no 1 hotspot for single women seeking affairs with married men, according to new research from The world's leading dating site for extra-marital affairs has found that 43.96% of its women members who are seeking affairs with married men in Chelsea are actually single.

Noel Biderman, founder and CEO says: "Chelsea is part of London's richest borough and home to some of the capital's wealthiest men. Single women are drawn to status, to men who have made something of themselves, even if that includes having a wife and family. As Oscar Wilde said and James Goldsmith famously paraphrased, "When a man marries his mistress he creates a vacancy." It's no accident that so many mistresses live in Chelsea and our female members such as LadyCatherine and RosettiLover are looking for their own Jimmy Goldsmith.'

At Mistress Hotspot no 2, Tunbridge Wells has a more conservative image with its prep schools, Georgian architecture and spa heritage. Yet 42.04% of the women members there are single and actively seeking an affair with a married man.

Noel Biderman says: 'Does 'Disgusted of Tunbridge Wells' have an alter ego as Ashley Madison's HardAsRock or RugbyJunky? There are a lot of well heeled, successful men there, however staid they may or may not be. A Tunbridge Wells man obviously holds promise as a lover, even if he is married.'

St Albans, home to Ashley Madison's CricketFan and Ritzylizzy, is 3rd on the list for would-be mistresses and Loughborough comes 4th.

With Oxford bottom of the list, it seems that while the single women of the city are inclined to stick to their studies, the academic world is not immune to passion with Studymylove, LoveTutor and HookupProfessor amongst the Ashley Madison members.

Mistress Hotspots: % of female members who are single:

Chelsea, London 42.04%

Tunbridge Wells 42.04%

St Albans 41.01%

Loughborough 39.17%

Dartford 38.91%

Hemel Hempstead 38.36%

Chester 36.94%

Newcastle upon Tyne 36.55%

Bristol 35.70%

Oxford 35.45%

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UK Mistress Hotspots

About Ashley Madison: was founded by Noel Biderman in Canada in 2002. The new social network concept is the second fastest growing in the world after Facebook. Currently, the site has over 20 million users in 30 countries including over 803,000 in the UK

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