Yes folks Chelsy Davy has discovered a brand new weight loss system that involves consuming less food that makes you fat and more food that errrrm doesn't make you fat.

Prince Harry's girlfriend has managed to go from a size something or other to  a size whatya McCallit. All very interesting stuff.

Who would have believed that a diet that is lower in fat and carbs could actually make you thin? Genius. I am sure they had the royal dieticians up all night working that one out at the tax payer's expense.

She is apparently now happy with her body and didn't like looking Jowly around the chin area so we can all give a huge sigh of relief that those pesky burgers are now out of the way and she is now content with her personal appearance.

It must be noted that she has embarked on a new system of removing fat from the body which is call "Physical exercise", the effects of this new revolutionary weight loss system have indeed helped her shed those pounds after over indulging on a staple diet of junk food with her boyfriend who also loves junk food.

You would think that Chelsy's boyfriend (who is something or other in line to the throne) might have developed some decent eating habits considering he has been bought up surrounded by the finest food a human can eat.

So why has Harry developed a taste for junk food?

It could be the rebellious streak in him but I think not. Even with a rebellious streak, the taste for fine food is inbuilt into anyone with the right breeding so perhaps the Royals do not come from as good a breeding stock as they would have you believe.

I really think it is time the true heir made his claim to the throne. We need someone who can really appreciate a good meal to represent our nation.

John Prescott it is then!

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