Daily Brexit Update: Thursday 6th September 2018

Just how much longer can Theresa May, Dominic Raab and Olly Robbins keep this Chequers show on the road?

Now that Michel Barnier, the EU chief Brexit negotiator, has given Theresa May's Chequers Brexit proposals the last rites, you would think that its ashes would already be scattered to the four winds.

But not only did the PM fight a rearguard action over it at Prime Minister's Questions, she has also sent her cabinet colleagues out around the country to try and sell this miserable Trotter three wheel van like deal to her own party members who are reportedly 'fuming' and 'hate her soft Brexit compromise offer'.

All this gave the leader of the opposition, Jeremy Corbyn, ample ammunition with which to batter Mrs May with at PMQs yesterday. "The Chequers proposal is dead, already ripped apart by her own MPs, when will the prime minster publish a real plan that survives contact with her cabinet and reality and protects jobs." He said.

And despite being urged to kill off the Chequers proposals, Olly Robbins told MPs that the plan was deliverable and respected UK sovereignty. The BBC reported that: "Veteran Eurosceptic Sir Bill Cash said it was 'completely impossible' to marry the UK and EU’s underlying demands. But Mr Robbins insisted the package remained 'credible and sensible'."

Meanwhile David Davis, the former Brexit secretary, gives his verdict on Chequers:

And to help[ put the fear-mongerers' claims to bed that we will stop importing medicines and foods from the EU in the event of a WTO Brexit, Brexiteer Tory MP John Redwood asks the Brexit Secretary, Dominic Raab a question:

Boris will make a tilt at the premiership says Farage:

Regardless of all the Chequers negativeness, it seems that Brexiteers still stand steadfastly behind leaving the EU. "Leave voters who think the Government is doing badly in Brexit negotiations would still vote to leave the European Union in another referendum..." Says the Telegraph.

Cricketing legend Geoffrey Boycott talks about regrets, political correctness and Brexit (video):

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