Daily Brexit Update: Wednesday 5th September 2018

Like the Shopkeeper in the famous Monty Python 'Dead Parrot' sketch, Theresa May and Dominic Raab continue to argue that the Chequers proposal is still alive, despite the criticism verging on hate for the plans from all sides of the spectrum on both sides of the Channel.

So up steps the former Brexit Secretary, David Davis, with his own plan to derail Chequers and replace it with a Canada style agreement. With City A.M. saying it understanda that: City A.M. understands "...the pro-Brexit big-hitter, who resigned in the wake of Theresa May’s Chequers plan, will endorse detailed proposals for an advanced free trade agreement currently being compiled by a team of Westminster trade experts and lawyers".

And Boris plans a speech, hosted by Conservative Home, to a rally of one thousand party members at the Conservative conference. He also aims to upstage the PM by attending for only one day, with the Spectator saying: "By only turning up for 24 hours, he ensures that his arrival becomes a big story and that he doesn’t become stale as these conference so often can. He’ll also raise the bar for Theresa May’s speech, the next day". Those Tory party divisions are only getting deeper and wider!

Brussels though is still in worry mode, the EU Commission is keen that everyoine kn ows who is in charge of the Brexit talks from the EU27 perspective, by warning its member states to avoid getting into a series of bilateral talks in London hosted by the UK government.

"At a regular meeting of EU27 Brexit officials last Friday, held to debrief diplomats on the latest round of talks with the U.K., the Commission said it has been made aware of the London events put on for EU27 diplomats and billed by the British government as 'technical seminars'. '[The Commission] urged member states not to engage in bilateral talks,' said one of the diplomats, who added that several countries confirmed they have been approached by the U.K." Reports Politico.

And the most senior of the officials in the UK Department for Exiting the EU (DExEU) said yesterday that he was confident that he was confident the UK was ready for a WTO Brexit, reports Reuters.

But the mayor of Greater Manchester, Andy Burnham, is another doubter who is calling for an extension to the Article 50 negotiation phase. While the GMB union general secretary, Tim Roache, has called for another referendum.

But former Bank of England chief, Mervyn King blasts the "incompetence" of politicians for failing to prepare suitably for a no-deal Brexit, thus undermining Britain's bargaining position in the Brexit negotiations. (Personally I'd say the establishment has so far proved very competent at trying to kill off Brexit.)


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