Daily Brexit Update: Tuesday 4th September 2018

Sticking to the Chequers Brexit proposals could well see the Tories destroyed at the next election. A new poll of 22,000 voters found that most people in Tory marginal constituencies think that May's plan is bad for Britain and according to The Times, some say it is more hated than the poll tax. This will not go down well at the next general election, whenever it is – even if the Tories hang on until 2022, the electorate's memories will be long enough.

Further, writing in Brexit Central Ewen Stewart, the Director of the Eurosceptic think tank Global Britain, says that the one unassailable argument for Chequers to be scrapped is that it will keep the Conservatives out of power for a generation.

So how come the PM is so keen to keep pressing ahead with it? Is it all part of a power struggle for the keys to Number Ten between her and the former Foreign Secretary, while not delivering for the country?

Or maybe, as Nick Timothy says in the Sun, 'The Lady's Not For Learning'.

Anyway, strange to hear that Tory Brexiteer Jacob Rees-Mogg and the EU chief Brexit negotiator, Michel Barnier, agreeing with each other isn't it? And not unexpectedly he also agrees with Boris Johnson's appraisal of the Chequers proposals:

One of the UK's military heroes foresaw the danger the EU posed to the UK years before we joined. According to the Sun: "The military hero who masterminded the Battle of Britain predicted the EU would be a "terrible menace", a newly discovered letter has revealed.

"Sir Hugh Dowding, Air Chief Marshal in the RAF, criticised the European super-state and claimed it would 'succeed where Hitler failed'."

It looks like Irexit is to become more prominent as plans are afoot to launch the Irexit Freedom party in Dublin next Saturday. The Express reports that: "The group’s spokesman Hermann Kelly is a close ally of former Ukip leader and Brexit figurehead Nigel Farage. Mr Kelly praised British voters for voting to “take back control of their money, their law and their borders” in the Brexit referendum. And he accused Brussels bureaucrats of failing to stand up for the interests of Irish people."

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