Cheryl Cole has bounced from her deathbed straight back into the studio disregarding the wishes of doctors and music lovers alike.

The Girls Aloud star is currently in LA (apparently in Simon Cowell's pad) after flying over from the UK with Derek Hough to work on new songs in the recording studio.

But there are concerns that she is doing too much too fast after she was on death's door a few weeks ago suffering from malaria.

Cheryl is apparently not returning to her former hectic work schedule but is taking a more relaxed approach to recording new material.

It is great to see Cheryl returning to health she has been through enough pain emotionally and physically this year and been an inspiration to women all over the world and it is good to see her back in circulation.

Out of all the non-celebs out there who are famous for having no visible talent (OK she is a pretty good dancer), Cheryl does have an X Factor that exists outside of what she is famous for.

When we are forced to accept a made over Kerry Katona and Jordan as socially acceptable public figures and role models, Cheryl stands out a mile as at someone who has upheld her dignity and family values when the majority of the UK's 'Celebs' fall into the category of 'cultural vermin'.

Just a shame that Cheryl does not stand out as a singer.

One thing is for sure she will not be returning the woman she was prior to malaria and that may be a good thing.

We may see a stronger, wiser Cheryl (she was strong to start with) who will take her experience and grow from it and we could see this reflected in her music that may take on a deeper meaning.

She may yet turn into a serious artist as opposed to the plastic, factory produced singer she has been.

I live in hope.

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