Cheryl Cole looks set to reunite with ex-husband Ashley Cole in the U.S. this month to celebrate her 28th birthday.

According to a report in the Daily Star, Ashley may have won over Cheryl with a naughty pic of Ashley which he sent to her via mobile.

It is also reported that to celebrate her 28th birthday Cheryl will jet of to the land that snubbed her in style the United States of America to possibly rekindle their romance.

Chery has been umming and arring over meeting back up with Ashley for some time.

Pictures of Ashley partying with attractive looking women has previously dampened Cheryl's motivation to meet up with her ex-husband but it looks like a picture of him in bed alone was enough to get Cheryl booking a flight.

If the reports are confirmed then it means that Cheryl has chosen to forget the fact that it was Ashley sending pics of himself with very little on to other women which ended their marriage in the first place.

Cheryl may be in need of some comfort after her American X Factor Disaster which has seen Nicole Scherzinger replace Cheryl as a judge.

Much of the reporting of Nicole Scherzinger has alluded to Nicole rubbing salt into Cheryl's wounds by out dressing her in similar attire but it is Cheryl who has had the last laugh.

Nicole's appearance on Britain's Got Talent performing her new single Right There was a dead cert to rub salt into Cheryl's bruised ego because Nicole is a much better singer and performer than Cheryl Cole.

But then the unthinkable happened.

Nicole was rubbish, much much was worse than any Cheryl Cole performance on X Factor or any other live show.

How did this happen? she sang fine, she danced fine, so what went wrong? How is it that even Cheryl the Auto-tune Queen could roll out a belly laugh at the performance.

In a nutshell it was the song….. Right There is one of the worst songs ever written. You would expect some 20 year old chav, wannabe a celeb singing this at a karaoke talent contest like errrrmmm X Factor.

Even Cheryl in complete out of tune mode has in the past had some sort of song to sing…..but this was cringe worthy.

Yet again the bread and circuses are in full flow……..

Around the world people are facing death at the hands of armed mobs……but don't worry Cheryl and Ashley may have a happy ending.

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