Ultra talented, auto-tuned singer Cheryl Cole may be offered a consolation job as tea lady and lavatory attendant a mentor on the US X Factor as her dream to be a judge on the show begins to fade.

But it's not over until the tuneless lady sings.

Cheryl could still become a judge on X Factor providing the American people are prepared to remove their few remaining brain cells and welcome the appointment of someone with very little talent to the position of talent judge in what will be the world's biggest talent show.

However Simon Cowell is not taking any chances with his friend's American career, so is fighting to have her as a Mentor if the worst comes to the worst and the American people wake up for one moment and realise that they have been sustaining their own cultural demise by watching reality television in nearly all its forms.

It does seem like the executives in Fox have their heads screwed on when you consider that no one has ever heard of Cheryl Cole in America and on a screen test no one could understand her Geordie accent which could prove problematic for the vital oratory role of a judge.

So Cheryl could end up as a Mentor which involves her helping singers with their singing.

That is like Hilda Ogden conducting the London Philharmonic Orchestra after two bottles of sherry.

Can you vote mentors off X Factor?

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