Out of tune Geordie singer Cheryl Cole has been booted off the X Factor because no one in America can understand her Newcastle accent.

Cheryl's American X Factor dream now lies in tatters as she has apparently been replaced by former Pussycat Doll, Nicole Scherzinger, who was originally set to be the show's co-host.

A lack of Chemistry between Paula Abdul and Cheryl plus the fact that something is not right when a star as well known in America as Nicole Scherzinger is to play second fiddle to someone who is an unknown quantity in the USA.

It is also rumoured that Cheryl Cole is also homesick and wants to return home to the UK and that is the real reason for her exit from the show.

So it looks like the big hair and paparazzi attention could not make up for the fact that placing Cheryl in the position of talent show judge was a bad idea when a quick You Tube search of her performing live reveals she has no singing talent.

Even the mighty Simon Cowell couldn't keep the 27 year old Girls Aloud singer in the judge's seat.

Think about it, Cheryl tells a singer in the audition stage of the X Factor  "You can't sing",  the singer being auditioned replies "That makes two of us".

This will cheapen the already cheap cultural rot that is the X Factor.

It's amazing how quickly America's latest media darling (Cheryl Cole) can become discarded so quickly. I wonder if those film offers will still stand?

Let's hope that Cheryl Cole hasn't gone and put down roots in the states by investing heavily in the American real estate market. That LA dream house is nice if you have a reason to live there. But if you're running home to the UK it could prove to be a burden.

Plenty of celebs have made this mistake in the past.

But in the big scheme of things Cheryl's exit from the X Factor is about as important as my exit from the bathroom this morning, however the thick people will be there to lap this news up and register it as a momentous event in their life experiences.

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