Well I am sure that the Conservative party are quaking in their boots at the news that Cheryl Cole (singer and artist cough!) finds David Cameron Slippery.

Mrs Cole asserted her political inclinations in an interview with Q magazine as she reveals a new Gothic image for her latest musical masterpiece with her angelic voice (Cough!).

It turns out that Cheryl's family have always voted Labour (fair enough) and according to Mrs Cole, it is a case of "Better the devil you know" when it comes to choosing a political party.

Now forgive me for having some Bias against the devil we know but hasn't this devil just presided over  the worst economic crisis in living memory? and under this devil we have new laws  passed criminalising the population springing up every day making life in Britain such an utopian experience and vastly superior to that which the evil Conservatives inflicted on us.

I am not saying that Cameron is the man for the job but when it comes to advice I tend to listen to experts in relevant fields or those I regard as experts through their greater insight into the topic in question.

Which brings me to Cheryl Cole speaking out on matters of politics.

Now if I was to ask Mrs Cole for advice it would be on subjects that she has great experience of.

I would ask her about stage fright before a performance in front of a large crowd, I would ask her about makeup and cloths and I would ask her about dancing (she is a nifty mover) but to ask her a question on politics?


Her "Better the devil you know" comment demonstrates her lack of prowess in the field of political debate. Would she still vote for the devil she knows if Labour banned the tripe that passes as 'talent shows' from British television? Probably not but then again that will never happen under this devil who seems quite happy with the way Britain has turned out.

She of course has every right to dislike David Cameron and to express that view point but I also have a right to take the view that Mrs Cole is not to be taken seriously when it comes to politics.

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