There are many more important things in the world to write about instead of adding to the weight of speculation over a celebrity marriage but Cheryl Cole is an inspiration to all with her past loyalty to her husband who then went one affair too far.

Cheryl has confirmed that her marriage is over and friends of Cheryl have hinted that a divorce is very much on the cards, which is very sad considering the fight this woman has put up for her love.

She looked very sad and drained leaving Spring Studio last night and her face says a thousand words.

I would not give anyone a second chance nor would most people but it does show that this girl is loyal and not some dumb bimbo who will drop her knickers easily unlike the women that Ashley has been seducing.

How many offers do you think Cheryl Cole gets a day for sex? And I am sure some of those offers are pretty good but she has remained faithful and that says a lot about this girl who even after her last public betrayal chose to stand by her man and not stray.

I have commented before about Cheryl not being the world's greatest singer or talent but if we are to have untalented celebrities thrust in our faces by the media then I am quite happy for Cheryl Cole to be one of them.

She is an exemplary role model in her faithfulness and I actually think this Geordie lass is quite a lady.

She may not speak the Queen's English or be the best Polo player but she will make some lucky chap a perfect life companion and wife and Cheryl should be cherished in the way that she deserves, but I am sure men are the last thing on her mind right now.

But Ashley is also a victim.

He is a victim of a world where all morals have broken down and the only regret people have is not getting caught.

If we have a society with no morals then men and women will stray and all this began with the great liberating 60s, but all we have been liberated from is our Christian moral compass.

Word of advice Cheryl, go for a nice Christian bloke next time, he may stray but the chances are he won't.

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