Cheryl Cole has apparently forgiven Ashley Cole for the relationship he embarked on with an air-hostess before their reconciliation.

The Girls Aloud screamer has apparently gone back on her request for Ashley to delete her number after being talked back into the relationship by him.

Ashley was seemingly still in a relationship with Kerry Meades days before their reconciliation at Cheryl's 28th birthday bash and at the time he was still rather interested in procuring photos  of some naked lingerie model.

But ever the charmer Ashley managed to turn the situation around blaming Cheryl.

According to Now Magazine, a source said Ashley had confessed to proverbially throwing the actor behind the curtains but not entering into a relationship with her.

The source continued to reveal that Ashley did not apologise for the fling and instead chose to turn the blame onto Cheryl because she was still seeing Derek Hough and spending time with and gave no indication that a reconciliation was on the cards blah blah blah…..

But the important thing to realise is this story is not important and neither are the lives of Cheryl and Ashley Cole.

Why someone would want to know the ins and outs of a celebrity with no obvious talent and a man who kicks a ball around a field is beyond comprehension….yet thick people across the country lap it up.

Take a look at the world around you and ask yourself if the above story will benefit you and has enriched your lives in any way.

Have you grown as an individual and are you now able to better yourself for reading about the life of Cheryl Cole?

If the answer is a resounding yes then I must apologise and leave you to get on with watching Jeremy Kyle and eating chips washed down with some gloopy aspartame riddled drink.

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