Cheryl Cole has been seen on the set of the film What to Expect When You're Expecting in which she will make her movie debut.

The 28 year old X Factor reject will grace the silver screen with Cameron Diaz, Jennifer Lopez, Dennie Quaid and Chris Rock whilst her acting skills are tested to the maximum as she plays the part of a talent show judge which amazingly enough was Cheryl's previous job.

Cheryl wore an Emilio Pucci lace dress with high heels on the film set and the obligatory pair of sunglasses whilst Cameron Diaz was seen in a grey dressing gown and a rather 1980s looking perm.

In the movie, Cheryl's character will judge Diaz's character, which will have thick people all over the globe super-duper exited.

What many people do not realise is Cheryl Cole being spotted on a film set is not important news.

In fact Cheryl Cole's life is only important because we are told by the media that her life is important so the best thing to do is not to read publications, which cover the most mundane tedious details of her life. And that includes The Economic Voice's Tripe and What Not section, which you are currently reading.

The cult of the celebrity must end.

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