The former wife of Ashley Cole has decided to drop her married name as her divorce D-day draws near, even though she is still legally Cheryl Cole.

As far as reconciliation goes I suppose that's the final nail in the coffin for Ashley and Cheryl. Simon Cowell introduced the Girls Aloud singer as Cheryl Tweedy at the London auditions for X Factor.

The crowd's reaction was one of elation and the cheers were apparently deafening.

Cheryl was apparently all smiles and beaming.


Why do people get so excited over this nonsense? what on earth is going on? We all know Cheryl is a lovely girl blah blah blah but why do we need to know the ins and outs of what she is up to?


Yet again the mainstream press has jumped on board to feed the thick the pointless information they crave. Lets face it, at a time when our country is trying its best not to get flushed down the toilet with Greece we are distracting ourselves with triviality.

If we are going to have distraction let it be monumental, original and creative.

But oh no, the thick still want to know what the well marketed and not very talented are up to. Whilst there are hordes of pastie munching chavs standing on shop corners, breastfeeding their kids whilst they suckle from their communal white cider nipple debating the lives of celebrities, we have no hope as a society.

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