According to Simon Cowell his co-presenter on X Factor is recovering rather well from a rather nasty does of the potentially fatal disease, malaria (which she caught on holidays in Tanzania with Derek Hough) from a mosquito bite.

And it gets better, she could be out of hospital in a few days!

Simon Cowell has visited Cheryl on several occasions and has proved that behind that rude and culture-less exterior there dwells a big softy with no musical or artistic understanding.

Good on yer Simon.

Derek Hough is absolutely gutted but he should stop being such a big girl's blouse and get on with supporting her, which I am sure he will. Derek  feels responsible for Cheryl contracting the disease seeing as it was his idea to take her to Tanzania…..poor chap he was only trying to do the right thing…which is more than can be said for her most concerned ex, I speak of course about Ashley (I am having a great time partying whilst your on death's door) Cole.

According to Doctors, Cheryl needs to stop doing the blood type diet which she has been on because it has weakened her and resulted in her having a particularly tough time fighting this illness which has ravaged her body.

Cheryl will not be needing any more fake tan seeing as she has a spot of jaundice as a result of contracting malaria which gives a similar appearance and I hope she gets well soon as do we all at The Economic Voice and as much as we admire her, I could not write an article without pointing out her terrible singing voice and generally extracting the urine from her (why break a habit?)

I mean if she was bitten whilst singing in the shower then it is proof that mosquitoes are deaf.

Nothing except an inanimate object like a microphone can get within such a close proximity to Cheryl whilst she is mid song.

Get well soon Cheryl, you're a good 'un.

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