Cheryl Cole's  latest  single, 'Love Killer', is a drastic improvement on 'Call My Name' and has the potential to really launch her state-side career.

The song comes straight in with a very dubstepesque beat and hard vibrato, filter swept,  synth bass and layered monosynth washes to frame Cheryl Coles' vocals.

The vocals are framed much more effectively than in 'Call my Name' and Cheryl's voice sampled split is effectively presented to give the song a vocal prominence in what is arguably Chezza's finest vocal performance.

OK, the autotune is definitely switched on and noticeable but not as dominant as in previous offerings and set to a softer setting allowing the listener to hear a more natural sounding Cheryl.

Love Killer has the usual lyrical subject matter of a broken heart and betrayal and doesn't take a genius to work out what the inspiration for this song is, namely Cheryl's ex-husband, Ashley Cole.

The song is quite catchy and borders on the anthemic for the genre of music which, dare I say it, makes the track touch on originality without successfully achieving it. But we are talking about the world of production pop music and that can never be overly left-field as not to scare off the fan-base.

But it is different and current enough to attract a new American audience to Cheryl Cole and I suspect this will be a hit.

Cheryl Ann Cole (née Tweedy)

Cheryl Ann Cole (née Tweedy)

Would I buy Love Killer?

No, I am an artistic snob and Cheryl's vocals are still not anywhere near what I would call acceptable or passionate enough for my ears and the lyrics are not something I can connect with but all in all I think it is an improvement for Miss Tweedy.

I still think she would make a great folktronic singer and that has nothing to do with personal taste, it is because the timbre of her voice would suit that genre very well.

Cheryl, if you think I am barking mad for suggesting a career in folktronic then book the studio….I will bring the guitar and show you that I am right….or very wrong and need to stop reviewing your work.

Image by [CC-BY-SA-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

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