According to reports, Cheryl Cole is making moves towards starting a new life outside of the world of celebrity.

And guess who she might be choosing this new life with? None other than her ex-husband Ashley Cole.

Thick people across the country are shocked to hear the rumours that Cheryl could entertain the notion of giving her relationship with her cheating ex-husband another chance.

Cheryl is said (if you believe the online and printed gutter press)  to have planned a holiday abroad with Ashley to rekindle their relationship and told him he must get his act together and go to counselling with her.

Other reports speak of Cheryl deeply regretting getting divorced in the first place and with odds at 5-2 for a Cheryl Cole and Ashley Cole wedding some time this year it makes you wonder if speculation is driving events or does Cheryl actually want to end her life as a celeb and become Mrs Cole again in more than just name.

And if Cheryl does want to retire from the limelight then what better way to do it than by preventing anyone from reporting about her using pictorial evidence.

According to the Daily Star,  Cheryl has taken out an injunction preventing anyone from taking a picture of her or interviewing her (and that could include fans).

Copies of the court order have apparently been posted on lampposts close to the previous Enfield home of the Girls Aloud singer.

Pah! Who doesn't love a happy ending? Cheryl has proven to be a role model (ok lets forget that one outburst) in as much as she has bettered herself and proven to be a loyal wife when married so lets hope Ashley has learned his lessons.

Now then this may all seem very important stuff but in the scheme of things it is not.

Cheryl Cole is not as important as recent events in Greece, Syria and Libya yet she still manages to get front page coverage when other more important matters of life and death get a small mention in comparison.

So lets hope that other celebs will follow Cheryl from the world of celebrity so the British public can are no longer distracted by the irrelevance of following celeb lives and wake up to realise what is actually going on in the world around them.

X Factor is not important, Britain's got Talent is not important, Eastenders is not important, Coronation Street is not important.

Financial stability, infant mortality and poverty ARE important.

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