Is Cheryl Cole about to run away from her demons and carve a new career out in America or is this the beginning of the exodus of British celebrities with no obvious talent?

Cheryl has apparently told Ashley Cole (her love cheat husband) that she is moving to the USA and may be a judge on America's version of the Xfactor.

Cheryl seems like a lovely girl who has been a loyal wife and put up with enough of her husband's wandering eye and penis, but now it looks like Mrs Cole (who has supposedly thrown him out of the marital home) is off stateside to make her fortune.

We wish her all the best and actually wouldn't it be nice if she could take some other Brits with her to the USA?

Yes lets all chip in for a luxury liner to take Cheryl, Jordan, Reality TV stars, Peaches Geldof, Kerry Katona, Alex Reid and almost every Big Brother contestant who gained notoriety after staying in a house filled with cameras off to the Sunny States.

America is a country where culture has evaporated into a new world idiocracy and Britain is hot on it's heels so lets give the United States exactly what it wants.

Such a shame because there is a plethora of multicultural cultures in America but they hidden deep underneath the trash which makes up such a proportion of the American media.

We have plenty of famous individuals who would fit the criteria of talentless that could fill up every American channel on their networks, so lets export our tripe to a country where it will be highly valued!

If your like me and have had enough of the lives of the thick and stupid rammed down your throat then isn't it time we did something about it?

We could also start a petition to the home secretary requesting Simon Cowell's British Passport be revoked and a ban on him entering British Waters, which should encourage him to take up permanent residence in America.

Off they go!

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